This Has Happened Before….
Posted In: Rants and Raves  |  Posted On: 21, Jun, 2016

Well it came and went….and as predicted we are further apart then ever.  Half the country is happy and the other half is crushed. We truly need to sit and think back a bit…..this exact same thing happened in 2008. There was a Junior Senator with zero political experience who never ran a lemonade stand… vs…a 30 year experienced political veteran.  Obama destroyed him.

The people wanted Hope and Change and they got it….

The same thing happened again…. just different people got their hope and change. This doesn’t end or isn’t anything new. I expect the same in 8 years. Put your big boy and big girls pants on….If we made it through the last guy…we’ll make it through this one as well.

People say that Donald Trump is not experienced…..that is where I have a bit of a problem.

See… when it comes to experience, what is it we need in a president? To answer that question, I took a look at the presidency as a job posting. In essence, it is a job of a manager – of the largest, most complex organization in the world. The responsibilities of this manager are so wide-ranging that it would defy the creation of an adequate job posting. About all the posting could state, in terms of qualifications, is, “A proven record of successful management of extremely complex and enormously large organizations.” In the case of Trump has more experience than basically anyone in the country.

Donald Trump has managed large, complex organizations for the last fifty years and, with the many bumps and bruises that go with it, has built his own, very complex, worldwide business organization that employs thousands of diverse workers, and that is very successful and valued in the billions of dollars.

If you compare this to the gamble we took in 2008 of a community organizer without any experience in doing anything, ever…. I think we are sitting in quite better shape today…than 11/9/2008.

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I took an excerpt of this post from Terry Ray – thank you sir for you wise insight….